Case Study

“The moment I sat down with Lauren, I knew I was in safe hands, simply because her passion for nutrition and helping people just oozed out of her. Her journey to improved health through alternative nutritional education was one I had also been on. When Lauren was telling me what she ate, I thought to myself, “that sounds a little difficult to maintain”, but the truth is, following her simple nutritional advice, not only was it easy but also fun. For the first time, I actually enjoyed cooking and because her recipes are simple and quick, they help me utilise my time for other enjoyable tasks. I followed her nutritional advice 90% of the time (I am a “chocoholic”) and due to injury could not perform any exercise over the period of 4 months. I believe my picture proves the power of getting your nutrition right. I would recommend Lauren to anyone who is looking for some guidance and education in the area of nutrition. You only have to see her face light up when she speaks to understand you are in safe hands.”

-Martin Ball, Energised Mind Body Head Coach

“Hi, I am so happy to be able to share my journey with you today. The Energised Mind Body team have done a fantastic job of helping me achieve my health goals. I have had so much fun along the way and would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to improve their health.”

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