With anything you set out to do in life, it starts with a decision to make a change, but what shapes that decision? We all filter thousands of pieces of information every second, using all of our six senses, yet we may only consciously be aware of as little as seven of those ‘info bites’ on a conscious level. We filter that information through what we mind-science coaches call ‘our map of the world’, in other words our own unique view of how the world is supposed to work, based on our beliefs, our life experiences and the values and principles we have absorbed from influential figures in childhood. That is why we simply cannot approach the subjects of health and fitness without exploring our own unique philosophy, for without getting our heads straight, we are unlikely to achieve ‘the results that we say we want.’

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You may have heard of the importance of having an alkaline body, rather than an acidic one. The Standard Australian Diet unfortunately encourages acidity. This balance can be tipped toward alkaline by drinking the right kind of water. To put it simply, “Change your water… Change your life®”. Please be aware though, we are not talking about alkaline water, this is far superior and 100% natural. Alkaline water is chemically changed i.e. minerals are added. Sexy Water is an electrical change from a certified medical device you have installed in your home. It changes the structure of the water, which is proven to have incredible health benefits.

The testimonials from drinking antioxidant rich Sexy Water (which can’t be bought in the shops because of it’s shelf-life) are incredible. We are proud to announce we are the first company to be working alongside the Sexy Water company, by offering their amazing, medically graded hydrating water, here in Western Australia, to all yourself and the rest of our clients.

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With the world of nutrition constantly bombarding us with conflicting recommendation, how do we know what foods are best to eat to fuel our bodies efficiently?

Once again, we make it simple for you. We only recommend foods, which can help your body get back in balance and feel 100% nourished. Our nutrition advice encourages digestive and immune health, helping you to make positive choices that you will feel good about. The foods are easily available to us all. We provide you with support and a little direction to help you understand how we can feel truly amazing each and every day.

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We believe that exercise should be done with passion and love for our bodies. Exercise is a proven stress reliever and, with persistence, will significantly improve your energy levels. It is important to find physical activity that you enjoy. The more you do it, the more you will appreciate it and learn to love it.

Many of us struggle to find or commit time to exercise each day, but study after study have shown that it is crucial for health, disease prevention and longevity. The pace of the world is getting faster, yet as humans, we are becoming more and more sedentary. This is having a huge negative affect on the incredible make up of the human body.

Nourish you mind, body and soul and treat it to some exercise.

We offer a range of packages and advice, to help you get our bodies functioning correctly and you truly feeling great.

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