Mindset Development

What’s all this talk of mindset? I just want to get fit and lose weight!

As with most things in life, your ability to ‘get it’ starts with a decision – a decision to change your present situation.

One of the main problems about that though is that we are quite fickle creatures – we change our minds, often quite easily as we are swayed by emotions.

Of course we need to be flexible as nobody is perfect. The Universe likes to test us out. For example, the day you embark on your new training and exercise program is the day that your best friend offers you a piece of chocolate cake or invites you out for dinner and drinks.

With our programs we help you to incorporate flexibility to deal with life’s twists and turns, without losing sight of the goals that you have set for yourself. We also provide the accountability to help you follow through.

It’s not about GIVING UP everything you love. It’s about GAINING health and vitality through education, developing your awareness, making consistently better choices and having a mind set on staying on the path of your journey towards lasting change.

The only thing you have to LOSE is WEIGHT – in the form of UNWANTED BODY FAT.

The things you can GAIN are immeasurable but may include: improved health; improved self-esteem and self-respect; better sleep; improved sex life; increased resistance to viruses and bugs; stamina; focus; mental wellness; friendships, support and encouragement etc. etc.

Don’t delay – start today.

What if I really want to do this but I just don’t have the money.

Talk to us and we may be able to offer some suggestions or work something out.

DOING SOMETHING NOW towards improving your health and fitness is way better than doing NOTHING UNTIL you can afford it. It’s rather like the time question – we find the money to pay for the things that are important to us. What value do you place on your health and well-being as compared with some of the other things that you may find that you fritter away when you look more closely at your expenses? If you really want to live a longer, happier and healthier life, you will find a way to allocate something towards it within your budget.

What if I really want to do this but I just don’t have the time? (I’m a busy person)

‘I don’t have time’ is probably one of the most common excuses that we hear – no offence intended – please just take a moment to read on!FACT – We make time available for the things that are important to us!

What use is your busy schedule if you drop dead before you have time to fully live the life that you are working so hard to have?

What use is it having a ton of money that you’re too busy working FOR, to actually have time to SPEND; a big house that you’re too busy working FOR, to live IN; a flash car that you’re too busy working FOR, to have time to ENJOY driving?

What use is it to work so hard for all that money but NOT HAVE YOUR HEALTH?

You can replace money, but you can’t replace your body.

If, on the other hand, you take care of your body (and your mind and soul of course), the chances are significantly higher that you will live a longer, happier and healthier life.

Treat your wellness program with the same level of importance as a business client and make an appointment.

That’s right – schedule it in your diary and make it a priority.

We all have the same amount of time in a day – 24 hours, but we all have the choice of what we do with them.

There’s an old saying that ‘If you want something done, ask a busy person!’ Why? Because busy people make lists of things to do and work their way through them. Just add ‘my health and well-being’ to your list and mark it as a priority.

If you need help with scheduling – our mindset coach, Tony Inman is also a business coach who can help you to make it happen.

How can I really make sure that I follow through with this?

Two of the keys to success with self-improvement is that you are honest with yourself about your present state and that you clearly define a goal that you can achieve in a realistic time-frame. Our trainers can help you with this.

If you really want to commit to effective change, then we recommend that you incorporate the mindset package with your fitness program. Our head fitness coach, Martin Ball and mindset coach, Tony Inman run seminars on how to get the most out of our programs so you achieve lasting change. Tony also conducts mindset sessions that run along with the challenge programs to keep you accountable and help you to achieve the results that you want. There are also add-ons available, such as life coaching and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques that he can help you with.

We also offer training in yoga, meditation and spiritual connection to help you integrate health and wellness into your daily routines in a way that can help you value this major aspect of your life and maintain your new fitness as an ongoing choice.

What if I have an injury already?

We often have members with injuries. All you have to do is to make your fitness trainer aware of it before you start (obviously if it’s a serious one, you may need to consult your G.P. first). Our trainers will substitute different exercises for you individually that take account of your injury. If at any time during sessions you feel uncomfortable or as if something is straining, then you make sure you tell the trainer. We are here for YOU.

Do I have to become some kind of weird, obsessive, Gym Junkie to get fit? (Because that’s not me)

No, don’t worry. We’re honestly not weird people.Our sessions are mainly held outdoors, weather permitting, and although we do use some items that you’d expect to find in a gym, we also improvise with some things that are not. We have a lot of fun and you will meet some really nice people as well. What you may experience is a shift in your thinking about how much fun exercising can be. Even when you may not feel like doing it sometimes, those are the days when you come away feeling most energised afterwards.

Do I need to train myself to a reasonable level of fitness before I start?

No, you just need to come to our sessions and START. In our experience people who plan to get ‘fit enough’ before they come to training don’t usually get started. Your focus should not be on how unfit you are now, we will help you focus on becoming as fit as you want to be. Don’t procrastinate – just come and join us. Your life will change for the better!

I’ve always tried to lose weight and get fit before and I’ve always failed. Why should this be any different?

We can’t guarantee your success because we can’t MAKE you do anything! What we CAN guarantee though is that we have a fantastic team of people who will do everything we can to help you achieve your goals. We will make it a FUN experience and we will help you define your goals with a solid plan to achieve them. This is your chance to really make it work this time.

Won’t I feel embarrassed at the group challenge sessions if I am overweight?

Realise that being worried about being embarrassed has already been holding you back and keeping you ‘stuck’ in a state of perpetual embarrassment. TAKING ACTION is the biggest step and the best thing you can do on your journey to replacing ‘feeling embarrassed’ about your body to ‘feeling proud’ of your body. You will find that every member and every coach in the ‘EnergisedMindBody’ Alliance is there to support and encourage you, no matter what your current state may be. The fact that you are doing something about it makes you worthy of praise and assistance. You will be among friends.

What do I get for my money?

With all of our Programs, you receive 3-4; 4-week customised exercise, diet and nutritional information. You also get EXCLUSIVE 24/7 access to our members section. This section has your own personal profile, an exercise and stretch database, blog information, nutrition tips, meals and much much more.

How do I pay for my program?

We accept PayPal and credit cards. PayPal is a secure site for the buyer as well as the seller. If you do not have a PayPal account you can still use a credit card which is also processed through PayPal as a one off transaction and is secure.

Can I purchase a program for longer than 12-16 weeks?

All of our Programs are based on realistic time frames. Once you have completed the program, if you wish to have it extended with another exercise plan, we can arrange that for you. Just contact us towards or at the end of your program.

How do you guarantee results?

All of our Programs are guaranteed to work if you follow your customised diet and exercise plan for the time duration chosen (12-16 weeks). YOU are accountable for the decisions you make within the length of the program.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are not given, our Programs work. If you want a refund because you are not seeing the results, you need to ask yourself if you are following the program 100%. Once you are given the tools, it is down to you to see the job through. YOU are accountable for the decisions you make within the length of the program.

Do you just give me a program and then leave me to get on with it?

No. We are here for you when ever you need help. We ask that you communicate with us at the end of each exercise week, with an update of how you progressed that week. There will be more information in the member’s section of the site that you will have access to once you have purchased one of our Programs. Remember, we WANT you to Achieve your Dream physique so you can go on to help Motivate others. I am a simple email away – martin@peakfit1000.com

Alkalised Water

Can I take my alkalised water with medication?

Kangen Water® is intended for everyday drinking and cooking rather than for drinking with medication. The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare gives the following directions:

  • Do not take medication with machine-produced water.
  • Do not drink machine-produced water if you have anaciditas.
  • Seek help from a doctor or pharmacist if you feel an abnormality in the body, or continued intake does not appear to improve symptoms. This is because the effectiveness of medication using Kangen Water® has not yet been tested. The pH level of stomach acids is about 1.8pH, and medication is prescribed in accordance to this pH level in order for it to take effect past the stomach. Therefore, to ensure full effect of the medication, we recommend leaving some time between taking the medication and drinking Kangen Water®.

What is anaciditas?

This symptom, also known as gastric acholrhydria, is found in people with stomach acidity higher than the average human pH level of 1.8pH. This makes it harder for them to digest food. These people should not drink alkaline Kangen Water®.

What is Mengen effect of drinking alkalised water?

Depending on how it is consumed, and on the individual’s physical state, it is possible (although uncommon) to experience constipation or diarrhea a few days to a few weeks after first starting to drink it. In herbal terms this is known as the Mengen effect1. The two conditions are particularly similar in that both cases, the remedy is so effective that it has a negative effect. If this occurs, the amount of intake should be reduced to half or a fourth of the previous amount until symptoms clear. Once symptoms have subsided, it is okay to resume intake. However, increasing the amount of intake will not alleviate the symptoms. Since halting intake completely may also affect the body, it is best to continue intake, but in lesser amounts. If there are no signs of improvement, please consult a doctor or pharmacist.

Mengen effect

Your body may start hurting several hours or a day after you receive chiropractic. The technical term for this is the Mengen effect. It is a natural physical response, where the body tries to go back to normal after muscles and bones have been adjusted.

What is the best way to store Kangen alkalised water?

Among the five types of water produced by LeveLuk, the two types for drinking (purified water/Kangen Water®) must be used fresh.

Please keep these two types of water in the refrigerator for no more than 4-5 days and replace the water in your take-out bottle everyday. For water used for domestic purposes, including Acidic Water, Strong Acidic Water and Strong Kangen Water, less care is required, but we recommend changing your supply once a week. To store, please place the water in a lightproof container, fill it to the very top to avoid unnecessary contact with air, and store it in a cool, dark place (the refrigerator is ideal).

Lightproof container
Container that keeps light out.

Will the alkalised water state change whether it is hot or cold?

The state of the water does change when the water is heated or chilled. When heated, the ORP and pH changes. When chilled, the ORP will change but the pH will remain the same for up to a week based on the quality of water.

I hear Kangen do a beauty range of water, is this true?

Acidic water has a pH of around 5.5-6.5 and strong acidic water has a pH of lower than 2.7.
The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has certified acidic water as an astringent. Strong Acidic Water has excellent cleaning characteristics and can be used to clean household surfaces and to remove pesticides, dirt and other impurities from food.


Acidic water works as an astringent for toning your skin. ‘Astringent water’ refers to acidic beauty water.

Because winter air is cold and dry, skin care is especially important during this time. Without taking care of your skin properly, you will suffer from dry and rough skin. Bodily fluids play an important role in maintaining your body temperature and the health of your skin. Drinking alkaline Kangen Water® can help maintain glowing, smooth skin. Since it is important to maintain your skin’s pH level between 5.0 and 6.0, we recommend spraying acidic water1 on your skin at regular intervals throughout the day. During the winter, bathing in acidic water can help preserve the moisture of your skin. We also recommend that you eat foods and fruits that include high levels of vitamin C, A and E. Treating your skin with beauty water will let you enjoy life even more by giving you smooth and youthful skin.

Acidic water

Acidic ionized water produced by electrolysis with a pH between 4.0 and 6.5. Its astringent effect is certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Excellent for skin care.

What are the benefits of consuming Kangen alkalised water?

The benefits of consuming Kangen Water® are the minerals it contains and the optimal hydration it offers.

Why should we drink alkalised water?

The benefits of consuming Kangen Water® are the minerals it contains and the optimal hydration it offers.

What is alkalised water?

The state of the water does change when the water is heated or chilled. When heated, the ORP and pH changes. When chilled, the ORP will change but the pH will remain the same for up to a week based on the quality of water.

How long will the hydrogen gas stay in the water?

The water is not very long lived, hence why we have to have a machine to replace with fresh live water. After 24hrs, the water is at 50% of its best value. After 48hours, the water will continue to remain alkaline but will not be as strong. Drinking fresh electrolysed alkalized water, each day is the best option.

What happens if I run out of alkalised water and then drink normal bottled water?

After consuming the alkalised water for around 2 weeks, we instantly noticed the difference in the taste of the water and how heavy the bottled water felt. Tap water is disgusting, (even though we drank it regularly with no problem prior to the alkalised water). Micro-clustering / reduced surface tension is what is in the bottled water.

When the water is electrolysed, it becomes “thinner”, which in turn means it can be absorbed easier for better hydration. As we age, our joints reduce in synovial fluid, alkalised electrolysed water, makes its way through muscle tissue to hydrate the joints better, so pain can be reduced.

Is too much water toxic for us?

Water is a critical need for us. However, the kidneys can only filter out 1 litre per hour, so consuming high volumes of water in a short time frame, can be hazardous.

Is electrolysed alkalised water just for athletes?

No. There are benefits for everybody consuming the water. With diabetes’s rising everyday all over the world, we understand the need for the body to get back in balance. Diabetes is a gateway disease to other problems, such as cancer. Hydrogen represses the oxidation fire within the body, the negative sides within.

With regards to athletes, the hydrogen in the water helps the breakdown of lactic acid (reduces). When sweating a lot throughout exercise, consuming the electolysed alkalised water will help replenish, along with natural electrolytes.

How much water should we drink?

The average woman ideally should consume about 2.7 litres per day, the average man around 3.4 litres per day. (1 litre is the equivalent of 4 glasses)

Vegetables and fruit will add to water intake but focusing on maintaining water intake will help you remain hydrated throughout the day.

What does de-mineralised water have an affect on?

This is controversial issue, however, we believe inhow we react as human beings. Our experience has found that de-mineralized water takes out all the goodness i.e. calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium.

Nutrition & Plant Supplementation

When can I start my program?

As soon as you are ready. If you plan complete a program for an up and coming event, please make sure you give yourself enough time and get in quickly.

I’ve got a lot of weight to loose, should I come back when I don’t have as much?

No. We are here to HELP you now, don’t stall because you feel you are “not fit enough” for one of our programs. We customise your program to suit your current fitness level, as you get fitter, your program grows to continue your progress. It does not matter at what point in life you are at, we can help get you to a better place, physically and mentally and help to teach you to continue this lifestyle.

Can I exercise on my own at the gym?

Yes you can. I (Martin), exercise on my own at the gym, not because I am ignorant or anything like that. I just find having my iPod on, playing my chosen music gets me in the right frame of mind for a killer workout. Some exercises given will be on machines to help protect yourself from injury, should you fatigue during the exercise. If you are doing the Build Muscle program, you will benefit from having a “spotter” as we want you to be lifting to your maximum, it’s a good way to make new friends in the gym as well as improving your strength and physique.

Will I ever meet you?

I am human and I do tend to go outsideoccasionally. If you happen to notice me out and about, please come over and say Hi. With my body art and LACK of flowing locks, I am very easy to recognize ;). Alternatively I am always available on my email – martin@peakfit1000.com

If there are any other queries you would likeanswered, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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