We are extremely happy that you have chosen to learn more about Energised Mind Body. You are no doubt here for many personal reasons and we assume one of them is to improve your own or a loved one’s health. In that case, let us proudly say, you are at the right place.

There are no robots here, you will be dealing with real people, who care about your health and goals.

Who We Are

Energised Mind Body is a team of enthusiastic people who focus on improving your health, through four key areas. These are Mindset, Water, Nutrition and Exercise.

What We Offer

Energised Mind Body offer a wide range of exercise programs and coaching. Working with corporate businesses and the general public, both male and female clients, of all ages, all over the world.

  • Mindset – Lifestyle, Wellness and Business Coaching
  • Water – The benefits of drinking fresh A.I.E. (alkalised, ionised, electrolysed) Water. This water has been around for approximately 41 years, so if you haven’t heard about it, it’s the perfect time to learn more.
  • Nutrition – Customised Nutrition and Plant Supplementation, along with the benefits of fuelling your body effectively, so your body works for you and not like many people today of us working for our body.
  • Exercise – Customised 1:1 and Online Personal Training Programs, Outdoor and Indoor Group Fitness Training, Indoor Cycling, Yoga, Hula Hoop Classes, Circuit Training

Our Focus

Is to help spread the word about “real” healthy choices. We hope our own team member’s stories about their journey to improved health can inspire many people around the world to take action today.

The reasons why we are so passionate about our beliefs are:

  • We focus on helping all of our clients achieve their own personal health goals, through the “Energised Mind Body Philosophy”.
  • We like to get to know all of our clients and build a trusting connection. We are here to help you improve your life, so we want you to feel 100% confident that you will be supported along your journey.
  • We are extremely passionate about what we do on a daily basis for all of our clients and our success stories will help you understand more about our “great work”.
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